Smart Grid Modernization

Advanced Metering Infrastructure

Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI) is an integrated system of smart meters, communications networks, and data management systems that enables two-way communication between utilities and customers. Our project teams have been working on Integrating Utility Operating models and smart device management since Canada’s inception into the advanced metering and integration smart metering device management.

Improving the Customer Experience

Today, more than ever we see the need for customer benefits to be realized by providing robust solutions to automatically continue to provide remote measures of electricity controls while optimizing usage and the benefits for the customer. The effort to continue to transform and modernize utility customer experience requires improved connection and disconnect service offerings, with safe isolation, while providing outages that are controlled and monitored with voltage regulation.

Leveraging the Power Within

Our teams are currently engaged with supporting utilities on several strategic discussions in grid modernization and Integration efforts across Ontario. As utilities leverage, the power within their own environments there is several opportunities to transform their operating models with current impacting demands of Population rowth, Transit expansion, Large Capital Infrastructure development, and growth within developing areas of Ontario of which drive conservation efforts while, reducing costs, increase reliability, and transparency with the usage of a smart grid.

About Us!

Alteris is a trusted partner in smart grid modernization and advanced metering solutions. As Covid-19 has provided us many lessons learned in these unprecedented times, we’ve evaluated the volumes of data from smart meters and sensors due to world-changing events and where legacy systems cannot handle the data challenges.

Our team is ready for this new change and is prepared to engage in the modernization efforts and transform utilities with a path forward for advanced distribution management that will organize and analyze these enormous volumes of new near-real-time data, manage microgrids and work to advance virtual power plants.

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Dan Capobianco