Mergers and Acquisitions, Post Acquisition Integration Best Practices

Integration Planning

Mergers and Acquisitions require strong stakeholder engagement that provides the best talent across the organizations to execute a playbook approach. Stakeholders look to their project teams to develop an integrated plan that provides clear direction on the requirements, governance, supporting team members, and a project team that has a pulse of every integrated project activity while the focus on achieving targeted benefits.

This starts at the planning stage while developing an Integration plan that focuses on delivery excellence, calculated time and budget, commercial management while mitigating risk and aligning the linkages of People, Customer, Business Processes, Assets, Technology, Readiness, and the ability to deliver other key factors that will formulate your post-acquisition Integration Plan.

Why is Integration planning so important? A successful M&A Integration Plan requires a predictive approach with a proven methodology to deliver a clear schedule of activities that mitigate challenges and create opportunities through the journey. Internal and external stakeholders require an integration plan that provides provide team alignment while focusing on the necessary results required to achieve the end goal.

Improving the Customer Experience

Customer Experience is at the forefront of all M&A deal structures. Our clients are looking for immediate customer benefits and providing an integration effort to be realized. Organizations while in Integration seek quick returns to drive forward customer project activities in an accelerated approach to optimize current environments or plan for future enablement.

Our Customer 2025 vision suggests to our clients, keep open channels where their services and deliver offerings that are centralized without confusion. Throughout our M&A Integration best practices, our project teams leverage our project execution playbooks to provide our client’s customers with the right level of information and the right level of confidence.

Engaging with the customer throughout the project requires a consistent approach of stakeholder enablement, channel management, communication outreach, and the opportunity to engage two-way feedback for an overall customer experience.

Trusted Partner

Alteris is a trusted partner in completing pre and post-merger and acquisition programs. We bring to our clients, proven playbooks, service offerings, business and technology integration, shared services opportunities, and the right people and process framework to modernize business environments.

We do this by leveraging our Advisory Services, Project Management Framework, Proven Methodologies in Risk Management, Commercial Management, Integration Project Delivery Services, and Industry expertise, across all business and technology areas.

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