Case Studies

Distribution Electrical Industrial Analytics

A multi channel distribution group catering to construction / industrial clients via selling electrical and / or industrial product components via an online catalogue.

A Catalogue company that provide electrical and industrial products to consumers and businesses.
Working with Alteris, We were tasked to answer the following:

How do customers navigate their catalogue website?
What pain points do they face?
What kind of consumer insights web visitation data (coupled with attitudinal data via survey) can reveal?
Classify customer base into segments for better targeting of marketing promotions



Analyze and mine over 2 billion web page visits
Analyze and mine Over 100 million search phrases
Conduct over 2,000 web surveys to catalogue site visitors


Working with Alteris, a high performing analytic program was developed to fundamentally improve operating efficiency and customer service through the enablement of identifiable data points.

Web data was classified based on product category and then mapped allowing Alteris to evaluate different paths visitors take to achieve their target. Search phrases were grouped into product segments identifying popular search phrases and what web pages those phrases ultimately lead to.
A comprehensive survey was developed and deployed on catalogue website to collect important attitudinal, demographic, geographic information about visitors..

Value Achieved

As a result of Alteris’s analytical platform; independent and external data points collected through web based performance results continue to show excellent customer performance data for our client.
The key accomplishments include:

  • Re-organizing of client website for easier navigation
  • Segmentation exercise classified customers into segments for better targeting, an immediate lift of 25% was observed in sales
  • Search engine was refined based on search phrase analysis to allow for more accurate results. Increase in accurate result s page lead to a 40% increase in satisfaction rating. ( Customer satisfaction survey pre and post implementation)
  • Overall website satisfaction for increased performance estimated at a 35% jump in satisfaction. ( Customer satisfaction survey pre and post implementation)