Case Studies

Cloud Computing

A Canadian boutique cloud provider wanted assistance in building and selling Infrastructure and platform as a service to cross vertical customers.

Alteris engaged with our subject matter Cloud Smes to evaluate a organization that provides infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Platform as a Service (PaaS) to cross vertical customers. It’s main objective was to reduce cost and drive efficiencies.


Working with Alteris, We were tasked to answer the following:

How do we migrate client infrastructure and applications to the cloud?

What pain points do they face?
What kind of security do the customer applications require?
How do we educate customers on the cloud?


Working with Alteris, an infrastructure redesign and redeployment was undertaken to improve efficiency and utilize Vmware to the fullest extent.

With a focus on security first and foremost our recommendation and build was to have layered security model of which was designed and implemented to improve the security of client infrastructure and data

developed new onboarding process and procedures to reduce deployment time and improve customer satisfaction.

Value Achieved

As a result of Alteris redesign; infrastructure performance improved, the clients onboarding time for services, a reduction of lee-time and start up and increased service profits while driving higher value to their customer base.

We concluded with Implementing and providing the client with leading industry standard and best practices while focusing on productivity out put for increased customer satisfaction
The key accomplishments include:

  • Re-design of the Vmware deployment
  • Redesign and deployment of security architecture. Resulted in improved customer satisfaction.
  • Client onboarding time reduced